Grit Crusted Crab & Chorizo Bites

Shrimp and grits are really popular right now. I love the flavors and think that these crab bites will remind you, but on an elevated level. Crunchy cornmeal crust giving way to a creamy warm center loaded with crab and chorizo. I chose a really easy charred tomato sauce to serve them with.

Potato, Crab and Chorizo Croquettes

There are two major types of croquettes, those with a mashed potato base and those with a béchamel base. Our Spanish style croquettes are the classic béchamel base and these are a bit of a hybrid with a combination of mashed potato enrichened with some of our Manchego Mornay sauce.

Crab and Chorizo Croquettes

This one is for my boy Tony “T-Bone” Kemmitzer as his Mother made us her crab croquettes a few years back for a food show in Atlanta, one of the best things we ever served at a food show, BTW. This is a slightly bumped up version and in working out the recipe I realized how many other great dishes could be made from the same ingredients, which started this project and 20 recipes later, here we are. We let’s start with these, crispy and crunchy on the outside, creamy, crabby and a little spicy on the inside (not hot spicy, flavor spicy).

Romesco Sauce

This is a classic Spanish roasted pepper sauce that pairs well with a wide variety of items and will become a staple in your go to recipes. Again, you caan adapt this sauce with suit your tastes, give it a Southwest kick with a little chipotle and the addition of cilantro.

Chorizo and Pepper Sauté

This is the second base recipe from the Spanish style crab and chorizo croquettes. It is a mix finely diced Spanish style chorizo, roasted red peppers, shallot and garlic. It can be used as a flavor boost to a wide variety recipes. The same idea can be adapted for other cuisines, for example for Creole, substitute the chorizo for andouille and use fresh diced peppers, onions and celery in place of the vegetables.

Manchego Mornay Sauce

This is one of the base recipes that is used to build the series for recipes all starting with a Spanish style crab & chorizo croquette. The classic béchamel has a flavor boost from the addition of some finely shredded aged Manchego cheese. This is an excellent cream sauce base that can be used for a huge variety of applications and the volumes are very easy to adjust to suit your needs (equal amounts of fat to flour and 8x as much whole milk as either – the recipe is 4oz butter to 32oz milk). The cheese is optional, however, you will need to heavily season the mix with salt if not using the cheese.

Crab Au Gratin

This delicious, creamy hot crab dip is a staple in New Orleans and will be a welcome addition to your table. With the start of Lent, seafood dishes are added to many menus and home meals. This included at my favorite and oldest steakhouse in NOLA, Charlie’s, which was owned by friend, Matt, for years following Katrina. This dip was the only addition or change in their menu in 50 years and became a customer favorite almost overnight. The combination of jumbo lump crab meat, melted cheese and Creole spices take this crab dip to new levels. Served with butter toasted crostini of a good French baguette.

Frozen Jumbo Lump Crab Cake and Stuffing Mix

Our frozen jumbo lump crab meat is the affordable way to add a premium crab dish to your dinner table. Our frozen crab is made with 100% real swimming crab meat and is not only delicious, but also if very affordable as compared to our traditional refrigerated pasteurized crab meat. This recipe is as versatile as it is easy to make.  From traditional crab cakes, to crab crusted salmon and shrimp, to crab stuffed artichokes and mushrooms. The options are only limited to your creativity.