Our Team

From the ocean to the dinner plate, our team is committed to providing superior seafood products to distributors, restaurants, and markets all over the world. With a dedicated staff working in nearly ten countries, Newport International strives to reward customers with a seafood experience that they deserve. This constant effort has catapulted the Newport brands to seafood stardom, earning global recognition year upon year. It is with consistent passion and fervor that we continue with our mission: to sustainably produce and import seafood without compromising on quality or taste.

Frank Chow

Anjan Tharakan

Ang Li
Vice President of Finance


Craig Hospodor
Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Ernesto Tagle
Director of Sales Foodservice

Tony Kemmitzer
Director of Sales Wholesale

Chris Shandor
Regional Sales

Sandy Daum
Sales Associate

Anish Chaudhuri
Director of Quality Assurance

Scott St. Onge
Purchasing and Inventory

Trish Salazar-Reed
Director of Sales Operations

Barbara Curtin
Accounts Payable

Susan Cherwinski
Accounts Receivable

Carlos Velez
IT Administrator

Tom Rose