About Us

Founded in 1964, Newport International maintains its status as one of the leading powerhouses in the seafood industry, distinguished by its outstanding quality of product, unwavering sustainability standards, and unbeatable taste across all of its brands. It started as a small company, with only a couple processing plants and fishing vessels to its name. However, in no time people began to take notice of the company, expanding it into the global empire of fleets, manufacturing plants, and joint ventures that it is today. The majority of our product production and processing facilities are stationed in Southeast Asia and China, but our global reach extends worldwide.

Across the Jack’s Catch and Pacific Cove brands, Newport International sells a myriad of seafood products – from varieties of crabmeat to surimi and shrimp – catered to all consumer markets and budgets. Our customer base extends to numerous national restaurant chains, supermarkets, distributors, and manufacturers. Also, we can craft specialty items upon request if need be, an invaluable testament to our seafood know-how.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Newport International, a company that through hard work and prowess, has challenged the standards of seafood in every way. In regards to sustainability, Newport International strives to be as cognizant of the world’s sea life as possible, donating a portion of every dollar purchased to the NFI council’s FIP efforts every year. You can read favorable sentiments about us in magazines like Urner Barry, but don’t just take their word for it, make sure to pick up one of our products and try it for yourself. Because, after all, We catch the best… So should you!