Chorizo Crab Cake

Crab cakes, everyone seems to have their own secret recipe, well here is a unique one for you. Crab and chorizo in a cake together, a match made in, well, not Maryland.

Crab and Chorizo Frittata

Breakfast for Dinner is definitely one of the dining trends right now. I used a mini cast iron skillet to make an individual frittata, however the recipe is written for a large 12′ skillet, you can easily portion to suit your needs.

Grit Crusted Crab & Chorizo Bites

Shrimp and grits are really popular right now. I love the flavors and think that these crab bites will remind you, but on an elevated level. Crunchy cornmeal crust giving way to a creamy warm center loaded with crab and chorizo. I chose a really easy charred tomato sauce to serve them with.

Potato, Crab and Chorizo Croquettes

There are two major types of croquettes, those with a mashed potato base and those with a béchamel base. Our Spanish style croquettes are the classic béchamel base and these are a bit of a hybrid with a combination of mashed potato enrichened with some of our Manchego Mornay sauce.