Soft Shell Crab Season Doesn’t Have to End

One the most unique and popular crabs is the soft shell crab. The swimming crabs naturally molt, or lose their exoskeleton, many times over their lifetime to allow growth. Domestically this occurs from late Spring to early Fall. A new soft shell begins to form under the existing hard shell and the crab fattens up to crack the outer shell and remove its entire body. At this point the crabs are removed from the water and can be eaten whole (almost entirely) including the new soft shell. The end of the summer doesn’t have to mean the end of fresh soft shell crabs on the table. Our frozen soft shell crabs are available all year. They provide a great alternative to fresh and still offer that sweet crab flavor, unique soft shell texture and the wow factor when presented to quests. Our crabs are wild caught, naturally molted and come fully cleaned, ready to thaw and use. They come  in a full range of sizes perfect for anything from an hors d’oeuvre to an entrée. They are great on a sandwich or salad but also a unique appetizer or garnish on a signature dish. They are best fried or sautéed to maximize the crispy texture. They work between a wide variety of cuisines from a spider roll to a soft shell po’ boy. They work well with a variety of batters, each lending itself to the flavor profile of the dish. They work with current food trends, from use of the latest “hip” ingredient to current interpretations of classic dishes our soft shell crab are an excellent option.  

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