Crab and Go

With over two decades in the food business, from restaurants to food manufacturing and everything in between, one rule never changes, food safety is job number one. Last weekend I was giving driving lessons to my son, who just turned 16. I made him keep practicing the same turns, over and over. I explained to him that the basics of driving need to be second nature, much like washing your hands or covering your mouth if you cough or sneeze. As a company, we have policies and practices in place to ensure the safety of our products, from the time it leaves the water to the moment it arrives at your door. The same is true with our customers, many of the best restaurants across this country. As people begin to limit their exposure and worry about contamination, we will continue to provide not only safe food, but also the most delicious. Whether it is from one you favorite local restaurants or from your local retailer, just grab some crab and go. We have endless recipes on our website to entice even the most sophisticated palate. We will keep fishing for the best crabs, you all stay safe, wash those hands, support your local restaurants and retailers and remember sometimes the little things, like a great meal can help you get through, and who doesn’t love a good crab cake!

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