For the love of crab!

We are finally coming out of Winter in New England and really looking forward to some warm weather. Living on the shore, this means seafood, fishing, crabbing, surfing and lots and lots of sand in my car. Well my littlest one, recently turned 6, is so excited for her Pop to get his boat in the water and get their 7 crab traps out. Since before she could walk the two of them have been catching crab together. Starting on the dock with a chicken bone tied to a string, then getting a license and proper crab trap and adding a couple more traps every year. She gets so excited as the traps come up out of the water, always hoping for an overflowing catch, but usually only getting a few. The two of them steam the the crabs and she will watch as Pop and Grammy pick the meat (a very labor intensive endeavor). It is a way of life for many here, just as it is all over the world. The process is pretty much the same for my daughter and Father in Law as it is for our crab we sell. Wild caught, in traps, steam cooked live, chilled and hand picked. We love our crab.


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