What are your drinking

Craft and microbrew beer continues to grow both regionally and nationally. Over the years I have watched cities develop their local offerings from a point of novelty to now being the go to order for most of their guests. One city that jumps out to me is Louisville, KY. I remember the first time I was there, in a working capacity and it seemed that bourbon was the only go to for regional driven beverages. Every year that I visit, local beers become more and more prevalent and popular. Looking at the menus of the most popular restaurants in town solidifies this notion, and they all seem to transition it to the menu in some form. So, for this show season we decided to embrace this trend and bring our crab meat to the party. In every city we visit we look for the best local brews to pair with our crab, and the easiest recipe to apply this idea is in our crab, beer, cheese dip. A great local IPA, some aged sharp cheddar and our claw meat crab (which is not only affordable but also has enough flavor to stand up to the beer and cheese).


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