We sell crab

Sometimes as a Chef, I can get ahead of the trends and the idea or dish takes over the idea of the crab. This season we found these teeny tiny taco shells on the internet and I had to have them. Well, they are amazing, organic blue cornmeal, gluten free and made to order. They are literally the ultimate vehicle to showcase our crab in an on trend menu application. The  drawback is that these 2″ taco shells, and the custom made bamboo holder, are just too cool for school. I spent the first few shows of the season working out the recipe/plating as they are so tiny it is a little tricky. Well they are dialed in, and I must say, they are aa perfect bite. Crunchy shell, red cabbage and mango slaw, with fresh lime juice and cilantro, a little crab meat (we sell crab) and a dollop of avocado crema. The downside is that every question is, first and foremost, where did you get these tiny taco shells, we sell crab.








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