Getting the Band Back Together and Hitting the Road

The Newport International sales team is getting excited to get back out on the road and see some of our customers. We have a number of upcoming food shows across the Country and are gearing up for our “Fall 2021 Tour”. We have been working on some new recipes that we feel are in-line with the current market. Just like many other items, crab has been scarce during the Covid lockdowns with very limited supply and all time highs on costs. We have focused on using some of our smaller, more affordable grades like our Claw, Special and Backfin Lump. The idea of crab bringing some luxury to your table while still being affordable from a food cost standpoint. I developed 2 simple, yet elegant recipes using the same 9 ingredients (including our crab meat) and using inexpensive and very accessible ingredients like rice or frozen corn. Crab has a place on your menu just as much as it does on your family dinner table, from special occasions to everyday meals, we have options and ideas.

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