Did You Say Low Country Crab Ramen???

Alright so I have our new hot and cold dishes all set for the upcoming show season and now I get to be even more creative, you know show them something they have never seen before, maybe never even considered. The idea started when I went on a ramen tour in Japan with my good friend Nick. He works for a company out of Japan who just happens to make the most amazing ramen broths, among other items. The one that I wanted was his Tonkotsu, or super rich pork and chicken bone broth. Alright so we’ve got a killer ramen broth and some delicious crab meat, what’s next. I need to keep it simple enough to be able to make a few hundred individual portions while still being able to talk to customers and serve our other dishes. I also did not want to go traditional, because, well that isn’t really pushing the envelope. So we went with traditional ramen noodles that anyone who spent any time in a college dorm is more than familiar with. We need something else, something green. We will add some sliced scallion, ok, but we are still missing something. Bacon braised collard greens? Heck ya! Rich pork broth, soft ramen noodles, smoky collard green with a little pop from some vinegary hot sauce, crunchy bright scallions and finished with some sweet, delicate chilled crab. Low Country Crab Ramen.

Stay tuned for recipes, coming soon,
Chef John

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