Crab Goes Italian

Recently, I was asked by our sales team to come up with some Italian inspired recipes for some of our customers. I really enjoy these kind of projects as they allow me to be creative and show just how versatile our crab can be. Of course there are the obvious options like crab stuffed mushrooms with a classic white wine sauce or something as simple as a crab cake with a charred tomato sauce, but I wanted to be a little more creative. The recipes I provide are in the hopes of getting our customers to say “wow, I never of thought of using crab that way”, and luckily, we hear that allot. Crab is an easy way to elevate a simple pasta dish to a signature level with very little added cost or labor. A little crab on top of a classic bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and basil creates a unique appetizer that people will love. Crab also works very well when paired with fresh seasonal produce like sweet Summer corn, fresh peas or exotic mushrooms and truffles. I have created a crab risotto with fresh peas, an upscale version of a classic pasta puttanesca, crab gnocchi in brown butter, a crispy arancini (risotto ball) with a creamy crab filling, an oversized handmade crab ravioli with a ginger-citrus sauce and a crab flatbread “pizza” with creamy ricotta, slow roasted tomatoes and fresh basil pesto. I hope you enjoy.

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