Crab For the New Year

As 2020 has finally come to an end and we are all hopeful for a much less eventful 2021, it is my job to start looking for new ways to use our crab meat. As dining out was limited we saw more and more home chefs emerging all over the internet. It is amazing all the cooking groups from sourdough bread to charcuterie boards and everything in between. There seems to be a group for everyone, well if you love crab, this is the place to be. 2020 did allow us the time to finally add an online store where our customers can order our delicious crab delivered right to their house. For me it meant my littlest one, five year old Grace, was finally ready and even sometimes excited to cook with Dad. Well, our New Year’s Eve charcuterie/seafood display was a perfect time for Grace to show off her crab cake skills. From picking the crackers to use as the binder (she decided on little club crackers over her standard Ritz crackers and perfectly crushed them in a ziplock bag. She went with jumbo lump crab, not the easiest to work with without breaking up the whole pieces. My favorite recipe, 1 egg, 2 TBS mayonnaise, 1 TBS Dijon, 2 tsp Old Bay seasoning, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and 3 dashes of Worcestershire sauce (and me trying to get her to properly pronounce Worcestershire). Gently mixed with a rubber spatula and used a 4oz portion scoop to form them on a buttered, parchment lined baking sheet and a drizzle of melted butter over the top just before cooking. A cooking video featuring grace is coming soon. Check back often.

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