Crab for a weeknight meal

We are always thinking of new ideas for how to use our delicious crab meat. Crab isn’t just for special occasions, it can make an excellent, easy and affordable luxury weeknight meal that your family will love. Enchiladas are one of my families favorites and we do some version almost every week, however, have recently moved to a casserole, stacked, style, as opposed to the traditional rolled style. It is a win-win as it is much faster & easier to make and everyone seems to prefer the casserole style over the traditional, winning. It also reminds me of the casseroles that I grew up on as a kid in Texas, specifically King Ranch chicken casserole. For these recipes I am using our newly restyled Pacific Cove 8oz cups, which make 4 entrée size portions. Besides the crab, the other ingredients are basic grocery items, canned tomatoes and green chilies, frozen spinach, premade enchilada sauce, cheese and some corn tortillas. A crab-centric dinner for 4 on the table in about 30 minutes and for about $6 a portion, sounds like a home run. For the recipes I used our Special (white meat crab) and Claw (dark meat crab) and paired the ingredients to match the sweet mild flavor of our special crab and the more flavorful claw meat with some mold bold flavors. Both recipes are really simple and can be adjusted to suit your taste.

We hope you enjoy,

Chef John

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