As the summer comes to an end….

Well we are coming upon the final big weekend of the summer with Labor Day. I like many other people have taken on some new projects during the past 18, or so, months. I am usually on the road sampling and selling our crab meat all over the US without allot of free time for things like become an “urban farmer”. It started with growing a few herbs in the windowsill, to moving to a standing planter, to multiple planters. Then came the chickens. At the beginning of the summer we drove out to a farm in central New Jersey to pick up our two day old baby Silkie chickens. My wife had promised there were only four, but somehow we got an “extra” one. From there our garage turned into a giant incubator system with various containers, heating plates, even a small pup tent that my Father in Law used his ingenuity to connect with a series of chicken tunnels. The chicks have moved out into their new fancy coop and soon I will be able to share a video of a crab cake with Hollandaise using my very own eggs! This was a picture from a recent recipe that I think captures the spirit of the end of Summer, a velvety corn and leek bisque (made with local NJ corn, however, my wife did ask about planting some corn for the chickens, stay tuned) and finished with some of our delicious crab meat and a drizzle of pesto.

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