8oz Cups Are Back Baby!

We are bringing back on of my favorite items for home use of our crab, the 8oz cup. Sometimes a full pound of crab can be too much for a small dinner, our 8oz cups to the rescue. Perfect as an ingredient in a recipe or to used to upscale a dish with the addition of a little crab. As a chef I often find I want to add a little crab to a recipe, especially this time of year when making soups and stews. A little crab added to a cioppino or a gumbo or even as a garnish on a refreshing winter citrus and shaved fennel salad. I have updated a few of our most popular recipes to use our 8oz cups and as with all of our recipes; there will be more coming in the future! I even added a crab cake recipe, because, even though our crab “isn’t just for crab cakes”, it does make THE BEST crab cakes, and I’m not even from Maryland.

The New 8oz Crab Recipes
– Classic Crab Cakes
– Maryland Style Hot Crab Dip
– Crab Cocktail Dip
– Steak Oscar with Crab, Asparagus and Hollandaise
– Crab and Green Chile Queso
– Crab, Beer – Cheese Dip (this has been one of the most popular recipes recently)
– Crab and Corn Chowder

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