It’s Not Just For Crab Cakes

It has kind of become our mantra at Newport International over the past decade. We all love a good crab cake and it is the most popular application for our crab meat, however, there are so many other exciting, seasonal recipes to showcase our fantastic product. That being said, we are coming into one of my favorite culinary times of year, Summer. So many of many my favorite ingredients to cook with at the peak of flavor, from vine ripe tomatoes (we are known for our tomatoes in NJ!), sweet corn, peaches, watermelon (one of my kid’s favorite foods) and the list goes on. It also means entertaining, whether it’s a cookout for family after a day of boating or a gourmet meal for friends coming to visit us on the Jersey Shore. Needless to say, no matter what the occasion, crab will be on the table at our house. So to kick off the Summer I have created some new recipes as well as reworking and updating some classics. I will be posting new recipes throughout the next weeks so please check back often! You can also check our Facebook pages to see where we will be showing our products at regional food shows in the coming months. PS, in case you were wondering about crab and Rosé (what seems to be THE drink of Summer 2018), it is a perfect pairing. Enjoy.

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