And then there was cod, salmon and tilapia

As the chef for Newport International 99% of my culinary focus is on our extensive line of swimming crab meat. Over the years, I have made everything from endless crab cakes to Korean style fried soft crabs with kimchi slaw. I was thrown a curveball last week by the boss to work on some ideas featuring some IQF fish that we have in inventory. To be specific really nice 4oz pieces of salmon, cod and tilapia. I did the first round of testing by simply thawing the fish under refrigeration overnight. Then I pan roasted one of each fish to get a feel for the flavor and texture. Thinking of the most common applications I was going to go safe with the recipes and do a grilled salmon, pan roasted tilapia and fish and chips with the cod. Instead I went in a different direction and tried to tie in some crab meat and other proteins to make a unique entrée. For the salmon I used a white miso and Mirin marinade, broiled until a deep bronzed lacquered finish and served with sushi rice, edamame succotash and a crab soy-butter sauce. Next is roasted tilapia stuffed with crab over wilted arugula and roasted tomato.  The cod is crusted with a crab and chorizo hash served over a sauté of white beans, roasted tomato and baby kale then finished with steamed clams in a white wine broth. Overall, the fish work really well, from the most simple application to something a little more complicated. As always, I am available for answer any questions, cooking tips or recipes!         

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