Always Giving You Options

Our crab isn’t just for crab cakes! A large part of my job is bringing new and exciting recipes and ideas on how to use our delicious and versatile crab meat. When I travel to present our crab allot of thought goes into what dishes to serve. We have periods in the Spring and Fall, where we are in serving customers almost every week, many times in multiple cities simultaneously. I try to set a few recipes into the rotation for each season, one hot, one cold and one interactive. Over the years we have done so many dishes I forgot about half of them until I am reminded by one of our sales team or brokers. We have done quiches, croquettes with bacon tomato jam, endless dips and salads, steak Oscar on a stick, mini crab Benedicts with poached quail eggs…the list goes on and on. We try to stay on top of or even better ahead of the trends. Our crab can be utilized to give you a dish that is not only on trend, utilizing the latest hot ingredient or preparation style, but also something your guests will craze and be excited to see added to the menu. For the Fall shows this year we went with a NOLA theme. Rich andouille and crab gumbo made with our claw meat, an herbaceous Crab Ravigote dip made with our backfin crab and Peppadew peppers filled with a warm, classic Creole crab gratin. Next week I will be in Ft. Lauderdale and it is going to be HOT! So we will be serving a chilled watermelon, heirloom tomato and crab gazpacho, a chilled crab salad on crostini and a tropical crab and mango ceviche in a spicy coconut citrus sauce and served over warm mini plantain pancakes. The ideas and applications keep coming as the seasons change and new menu ideas and ingredients move into the forefront on menus across the country.

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