Wholesale White and Tiger Shrimp


We offer only the highest quality shrimp with true weights and finished counts. Our shrimp is excellent for use in pasta dishes, stuffings, soups, cocktails or in a variety of recipes. Jack's Catch® brand shrimp is available in a variety of sizes and countries with emphasis on cooked salad shrimp from India and Raw value added shrimp from Venezuela, Ecuador and India.

Our cooked salad shrimp is available from 150/250 peeled undeveined or deveined to 500/800 puds. These IQF products, along with our Indian raw peeled and P&D products (Paneus Monodon's which range from 13-15 to 51/60's), are produced in the largest facility available in India. This state-of-the-art plant is HACCP and FDA approved and capable of producing customized sizes and packaging.

The South American operations produce farmed raised white (Paneus Vannamei) shrimp. These too, are a high quality shrimp produced in state-of-the-art facilities. The Venezuelan operation, for example, is as vertically integrated as it gets with the farms (over 1,500 hectares), the plant (able to peel approximately 100,000 lbs per day) and the seed company (feed for the shrimp) all being under the same ownership umbrella. Customized sizes and packaging are also available and the current sizes range from 26/30's down through 71/90's.

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