Fresh and Frozen Bulk Florida Seafood


Our flavorful Jack’s Catch crab meat is available in various forms and sizes including (but not limited to): Colossal, Jumbo Lump, Lump, Backfin, Special and Claw. The moist and succulent meat is excellent for use in crab cakes, stuffings, salads, and soups.

Our Jacks Catch Premium crab is 100% Portunus Pelagicus, Blue Swimming Crab, from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and India. Our Jacks Catch Select crab meat, Portunus Haanii, Red Swimming Crab is from our own processing facilities in China. We also have a Cooked at Sea, AKA Cooked on Board, product we call Jack’s Catch Gourmet which is also Portunus Haanii, Red Swimming Crab.

Our crab meat is harvested fresh all year, is available in Fresh or Frozen, and is pasteurized for your safety. Because the pasteurization process requires heat, all our crab meat is fully cooked. This not only eliminates natural microorganisms, it extends the shelf life of the crab meat as well.

Once pasteurized, this all-natural food has a refrigerated shelf life of approximately one year. Newport International was one of the first importers of Blue Swimming Crab meat and we have many facilities in different countries that provide us with the versatility of supply to provide you with only the best quality crab meat possible.

Today we import, distribute, and market many sizes and forms of blue swimming crab, red swimming crab and we have other industrial grades of crab to meet all our food service, retail and industrial customers. All our products are backed by our unconditional guarantee that states: All products meet FDA and HACCP requirements.

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